Saturday, 19 March 2011

Top 10 - Celebrity appearances in James Corden's Comic Relief 2011 sketch

Today I bring to you an exclusive Top 10, especially for Comic Relief. Even with hundreds of funny moments in 2011's charity evening, one particular part of the event stood out as being beyond hilarious. This being James Corden's side splitting sketch involving a meeting with more than a few familiar faces, with Corden playing as his 'Gavin and Stacey' born character - Smithy. Here's my pick of the stars that showed up on the night, including a stand-out quote about or from each of the Top 10.

10. Kiera Knightley

"Everybody knows that tears are the first rule of a good Comic Relief film."

9. Rupert Grint and Tom Felton

Rupert: "These kids live in such poverty, that the words Hogwarts and Quidditch mean nothing to them."

8. JLS

Sing 'Everybody in Love'

7. Tom Daley

Smithy: "Tom, do you ever wear any clothes?"

6. Rio Ferdinand

"I've won the Champions League, the Premier League a few times. I was being humble!"

5. Sir Paul McCartney

"People don't like tubbies in Africa."

4. Justin Bieber

"I love you Smithy."

3. Gordon Brown

"I have been thinking about doing a duet with JLS."

2. Ringo Starr

Paul: "And I am the last remaining Beatle."
Ringo: "What about me?"

1. George Michael

"Such a pair of closet bummers, it's ridiculous."

Other famous faces in the sketch included: Lenny Henry, Richard Curtis, Dermot O'Leary, Davina McCall, Lord Sebastian Coe, Roger Lloyd Pack, Lord Robert Winston, Richard Madeley and Clare Balding.

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  1. Incredibly disheartened!
    How could Justin Beiber have ranked so highly?!