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Top 10 - Recurring characters from The Simpsons

The Simpsons - a show that has encapsulated the cartoon loving audience on mainstream television since 1989, still to this day churning out over twenty episodes a year. It has generated some of the most loveable characters ever on a fictional level, with the likes of new arrivals being annually added to the cast. Star studded cameos also grace the town of Springfield from time to time, and how could you forget the protagonists amidst all of the action - the Simpsons family themselves. Now into its 22nd season on our screens, will it ever end? I for one hope not.

I will be leaving all of the core members of the Simpsons family behind for this countdown, only including regular characters on the show who don't make up the terrific five-some. But before I begin the definitive Top 10, I'll give you a brief run through (from 20 to 11) of the characters who just missed out on a place on my list. Here we go...

20. Hans Moleman
19. Chester "Snake" Turley
18. Barney Gumble
17. Krusty the Clown
16. Waylon Smithers
15. Principal Seymour Skinner
14. Moe Szyslak
13. Milhouse Van Houten
12. Grandpa Abraham Simpson
11. Groundskeeper Willie

And now for the Top 10...

10. Chief Clancy Wiggum

This loveable cop from the Springfield Police Department generally humours me. His docile approach to the job in hand is what makes the character funny. I'm also pretty sure that he never attended career training when he was younger, due to him knowing nothing about his role as chief of police.

What he'd probably say: "Don't move, I have a doughnut and I'm not afraid to use it."

9. Gil Gunderson

Being a constantly unsuccessful salesman who tries his hand at any job attempting to sell things to earn money - Gil pops up from time to time in the Simpsons, sporting a different career path on each occasion. His combination of bad luck, lack of self esteem and poor sales technique means Gil has yet to strike it rich on the show. You will have your time Gil, you will have your time.

What he'd probably say: "Ah, I shouldn't o' said that. Oh, old Gil's gone and done it again."

8. Charles Montgomery Burns

The multi-billionaire dollar owner of Springfield nuclear power plant's hatred to all others and need for global domination makes for a very entertaining character. His age in also an issue on the show, with nobody actually knowing quite how old he is. I think that he'll live forever. But if not, definitely forever in our hearts. Love you Monty.

What he'd probably say: "Excellent."

7. Ned Flanders

Owner of the Leftorium (a shop selling items exclusively for left handed people) and Homer's next door neighbour, Flanders is Springfield's resident bible basher. The irony of his devotion to God entwined with his terribly bad fortune creates a humorous persona, and one everyone has to love. His crazy choice of vocabulary also amuses me, "diddly" and "doodly" being my personal favourites. He tries so hard to be nice to Homer, getting nothing back in return. I wonder how much more hidden anger he can hold in before he explodes?

What he'd probably say: "Hi diddly doodly friend... diddly."

6. Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson

Lenny and Carl - Homer's work colleagues at the Springfield nuclear power plant. The reason they are so high on my list is because of the fact that in almost every scene that they appear in, they're together. And I find that very funny. But don't ask me why, it just is. Also their surnames are pretty much the same as their first names, which is also amusing.

What they'd probably say: "Hey Homer." "See you around Homer."

5. Superintendent Gary Chalmers

Principal Skinner's superior at Springfield Elementary School always seems to pop up as Skinner is either doing something inappropriate, or hilarious. My favourite memory of Chalmers involves the 'steamed hams' episode in which Skinner claims to have the Aurora Borealis contained in his kitchen. The Superintendent should definitely be in the show more often.

What he'd probably say: "SKINNER!"

4. Ralph Wiggum

There's not much to say about Ralph. He is just so much fun, and I can't help but laugh at everything he says. The epitome of obliviousness.

What he'd probably say: "My daddy says I'm special."

3. Nelson Muntz

Unless he's centrally involved in a particular episode, Nelson only ever does one thing - and that's to laugh at other characters' expense. Any time a character on the show makes a fool of or hurts them self, you can be sure that Nelson will pop out to from somewhere to laugh - whatever the circumstance or location. It's his only selling point really, but a good one to have.

What he'd probably say: "Ha ha!"

2. Comic Book Guy

The overweight and sarcastic owner of The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop narrowly 'squeezes' into the penultimate spot on my list. Real name Jeff Albertson, Comic Book Guy arouses audience laughter through his spew of sarcasm on nerdy topics such as Sci-Fi films and superheroes. As most of my favourite characters in the Simpsons do; Comic Book Guy pops up randomly, often pessimistically reflecting on a previous occurrence. He doesn't seem to ever have any friends either, adhering to another of the many nerdy stereotypes. Poor Comic Book Guy.

What he'd probably say: "Best blog ever."

1. Troy McClure

Hi I'm Adam Sharp, you may remember me from such Top 10 lists as "Ways people annoy me on Facebook," "Television Panel Shows" and "Hilarious question from Yahoo Answers." Yes, I'm referring to the washed up actor that is Troy McClure. On his arrival to any scene on the show, Troy will usually refer to all of his starring roles in hilarious film and television titles. This makes for such a character which is only really there to pitch the quirky and imaginative side of the show's creators. But gosh, Troy most certainly does make me chuckle. And that's why he is my number 1. Maybe he can go on and get some work off the back of this accolade.

What he'd probably say: "Hi I'm actor Troy Mclure, you may remember me from such films as..."

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